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Business Process Consulting

Our Consulting Services get you on the right track and/or keep up the momentum to get you where you want to go. We'll be glad to tailor these services to your unique needs.

3+ days

You will get a minimum of three days of our time while we interview key personnel and observe current processes. The approach we take depends on the approach you need.  

There are three options:

    1. Balanced scorecard approach: We look at company-wide initiatives and identify key problem areas. We ensure a balance between five categories of metrics - Productivity, Quality, Timeliness, Connectedness, and Financial - and identify the highest leverage points for improvement.
    2. An acknowledged problem: We assess the current situation, the optimal scenario, and the value of the opportunity
    3. Industry standards and benchmarks: We determine the possibilities for your processes based on best practices.

Executive Six Sigma Strategic Planning
Two days per month for six months 

To achieve maximum benefit, Six Sigma must be built into your strategic process. We work with the Executive Team to explore your organization's Strategic Questions, and identify key Visionary Actionable Terms. We create alignment of the Executive Team through our seven steps to Constancy of Purpose.  

Dashboard Development
5 days

Data-driven decisions are only as good as your data. We meet with key leadership to understand the Crucial Questions for the business. We review sample reports, attend monthly meetings, and then reshape your Data Dashboard to include the content, frequency, and format to drive your success.  

Since a single picture cannot fully portray what's happening in a dynamic business, we use our unique Dynamic Dashboard to show the waves of performance.

Consulting on Retainer
Monthly fee

Benefit from our expertise in a less formal format. We provide an outside viewpoint with laser-like focus on your most pressing concerns. Or you may choose our "Quarterly Checkup" format to provide an ongoing audit function.   We recommend this consulting as an adjunct to other services.

Project Mentoring
Daily or monthly fee

This entails intensive assistance by our experienced staff.   Mentoring is built into our signature ROX Green Belt training as well as our Black Belt topics, but is also available as a stand-alone service for larger or more complex projects.


Contact us to order or for more information about our consulting services.


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