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Return on Excellence (ROX) Green Belt Overview


Our Green Belt program consists of three 2-day sessions that integrate the steps of the Six Sigma DMAIC process (Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Report) with the principles and practices of action-oriented leadership, while applying them to your real-world projects. The sessions are delivered over a period of two months to allow participants to return to work between sessions to further their application of the Return on Excellence™ methodology to their chosen projects.

Session One: (Two Full Days)

  • Defining Business Challenges and Opportunities
  • Mapping Existing Systems and Designing Projects
  • Identifying Critical Measures
  • Generating Team Commitment and Alignment

Participants clearly identify the process, the problem, and the people that make up the project they will work on for the duration of the program. Success in the Define and Measure phase of the Six Sigma methodology ensures that the rest of the process flows smoothly. During this phase, participants also learn tools for enrolling and motivating team members in making their project a success.

Project Mentoring:  

We have incorporated project mentoring by our expert consultants into each session of the ROX Green Belt program so that we can ensure the maximum probability of success.  

Session Two: (Two Full Days)

  • Analyzing the Process for Causes
  • Improving Process Performance via Optimal Solutions
  • Ownership and Responsibility for Project Results
  • Recovering Off-course Projects

The second session is packed with tools for digging into the causes of the problem. Participants are coached in the best use of the tools to achieve their desired results. This phase completes with piloting solutions and taking a first pass at quantifying the financial gains from the improvement.

Session Three: (Two Full Days)

  • Controlling Through Leading Indicators
  • Systems for Sustaining Improvements
  • Quantifying Accountability through Project Tracking and Reporting Results
  • Project Completion, Acknowledgment and Celebration

While improvements will be achieved in the second session, controls must be put in place to ensure that those improvements continue to occur into the future. This phase supports the development of a culture of improvement through application of what is learned throughout the organization. It also emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the lessons learned and celebrating the wins.


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