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Teams in Action Training Programs

Trust...Rapport...Communication...Initiative...Creativity ...Leadership.

Team-building programs provide a series of activities that explore these concepts through fun and active learning. Whether indoor or outdoor, each program is tailored to your specific workplace needs. A series of activities are selected to simulate situations in the work environment and best support your program objectives.

Signature Team-Building Programs:

Building Better Teams  •  8 hrs
With true teamwork, the sum is greater than the parts alone. Each activity in the Building Better Teams program builds on the last. This gives participants the opportunity to explore the elements of a successful team, as well as examine their interactions and how to improve them. Each member on the team is empowered to contribute from their special perspective, so the chemistry of the team interaction creates magnified results.

Long-Distance Teams: As Good as Being There  •  8 hrs
Long distance work arrangements, even within the same building, have inherent obstacles. This course offers practical solutions to better communications within and across, teams.

Team Efficiency in Action  •  4 hrs
The natural human perpetual quest is to make more, better, and faster. The Efficiency in Action program is wholly dedicated to the quality approach as it concerns continuous improvement. Explore the interaction of quality, productivity and efficiency in the team-driven environment.

Responsibility in Team Leadership  •  2 hrs
Responsibility can seem a blessing or a burden.   Discover the distinctions that make the difference, exploring the lines between responsibility and obligation, responsibility and authority, and how to juggle multiple responsibilities effectively.

Presentation Skills  •  8 Hours
Who is your audience? What is their need? How will they benefit from your information? In this course we use a sales analogy to explore the parts of a presentation. You will learn and practice methods to sell your ideas effectively.

Conference Team-Building Programs  •  Varies
Push your limits and strengthen your confidence. We have several "standardized" programs for enhancing teamwork and fun within your organization. They range from a 45-minute activity-based conference session to a weeklong program. Groups are welcome from 8 participants to 150.

Teaching for Teachers

Experiential Learning and The Evolution of Education  •  4 Hours
If you could would you accelerate the learning process? This course demonstrates how experiential learning can fit into your curriculum and accelerate learning. You will explore the four dimensions of education, and how to determine when to use each one.

Teaching by Experiences: An Experiential Educator Training Program  •  6 Hours
The best way to learn about experiential learning is to experience it. In this course, you will have the opportunity to experience both sides of experiential learning - as learner and teacher.

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