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Mother Nature's Laws of Business Speeches

Susan's speeches and interactive workshops will open your eyes to an empowering new view of the world – a view grounded in science yet developed and applied to help businesses and individuals soar to excellence.

Through engaging stories and fun, every-day explanations of the laws of physics, Susan reveals the fascinating connections between Mother Nature and human nature, and how these parallels reveal – in one "a ha!" moment after another – why we get what we get, and how to get what we want.

Most Requested Presentations:

Harnessing Mother Nature’s Forces
How do forces add up to create results? How can you change a static and stuck situation to a dynamic and moving one? How are we motivated, and how can we motivate others? Susan illuminates how scientific principles such as inertia, momentum, magnetism and velocity impact entrepreneurship and project management in the areas of goal-setting, marketing and motivation.

Gold Stars and Black Xs: The Power of Metrics
Susan takes what is usually a dry subject and turns it into a fascinating exploration of the fundamental tools of metrics. She addresses how we measure our lives and our work, how metrics can drive behaviors, and how to avoid the pitfalls of measurement mania. She explains the four accepted families of measure, and introduces a fifth “people-focused” one, while she explores how metrics define and give meaning to our world.

Energy Management
Billions of dollars are spent annually trying to resolve two common complaints. “I don’t have enough time!” and “I’m really stressed!” Yet managing our time and managing our stress has not managed to solve the problem. Why? Because we’re addressing the symptoms rather than the causes. What we need is Energy Management. Susan explains the distinctions in this powerful program.

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